Nacho & Jenna September 28, 2017 16:42

Nacho and Jenna, United States

Tell us how Nacho came to be in your life?

My husband grew up with dogs but I had never had one. We lived in downtown Boston where there were a few frenchies we met and loved, so after we got married and moved to a house with a yard, we decided to take the plunge. Nacho is from Pennsylvania so we drove down and picked him up. He was great on the 5 hour drive home and almost fit in my hands he was so small.

What is the story behind how Nacho came to find his name?

We were deciding between Obie (my husband is a big fan of Star Wars) and Nacho.  With Nacho, we thought If we were at a dog park and another dog stole his bone, we could say, "Hey, that's Nacho bone!" When we picked him up from the breeder, we called him by both names, and he responded to Nacho, so ended up picking his name.

What is your favourite quality in Nacho?

Nacho loves love. He loves being pet, getting belly scratches, licking faces, snuggling and just being around people. He is the most social dog I've ever met and would rather be right by your side than anywhere else.

Your favourite memory to date with Nacho?

When I was pregnant with our daughter, Emma, Nacho would lay his head on my stomach, like he was protecting the baby.  When Nacho met our daughter for the first time, she was 4 days old.  He was more gentle than I've ever seen him be.  He nuzzled her and curled up next to her and the rest is history.  Nacho and Emma are best friends and love playing together.  He has taught her to love all dogs, and influenced one of her first words, "doggie!"

Has Nacho got any cheeky habits?

Nacho sleeps between my husband's legs every night, the warmest place he can find.  He won't sleep anywhere else :)

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Mug & Charlotte March 23, 2017 17:33

Mug and Charlotte, Bordeaux, France

Tell us how Mug came to be in your life?

Me and my boyfriend decided to get a pet after I graduate. We loved watching videos of pugs and other dogs online and I joked that if we get a pug, I would name it Thug, for the rime Thug the Pug! We found out that one of our friend’s pug Zola was having a few puppies and we said we wanted to have a female if any was born. Zola had 4 beautiful puppies, 3 males and 1 female, so Mug was meant for us.

What is the story behind how Mugs came to find her name?

In France, when people get a new pet, it is a tradition to name them according to the year they got it. Each year is associated with a specific letter, a bit like the Chinese years with a specific animal. We wanted her name to rime with ‘pug’ and as it was the year with names starting with M, so our choice was a bit limited. The name ‘Mug’ came naturally and it suited her very well!

What is your favourite quality in Mug?

Mug’s biggest quality is that she is very sociable. She is such a loving dog and we love her back very much. She loves staying with our parents or friends when we need a dog sitter. She is very calm and follows everyone everywhere, even more so with other pets! Mug’s best friend is a cat named Blanco.

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Miu Miu & Marta February 14, 2017 22:14

Miu Miu and Marta, Hove, England

Tell us how Miu Miu came to be in your life?
I am an animal lover and I cannot imagine not sharing my life with them. I had many animals throughout the years. I promised myself that I'd safe enough money to have a dog as soon as I graduate university. I then fell in love at first sight. I kept in touch with her breeder for over two months before she was ready to leave her mum. I drove to Scotland to pick her up and she was worth
 every mile.

What is the story behind how Miu Miu came to find her name?
I had read a lot of books before choosing my dogs name. I wanted it to be unusual, so she always recognises it. Miu Miu is a fashion brand that I like very much.

What is your favourite quality in Miu Miu?
My favourite thing about miu miu is how she makes people smile when we walk the streets together. She sometimes follows people until they let her say hello to them. She is very friendly and patient with everyone.

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Cash & Harley October 10, 2015 09:00

Cash & Harley, Lewes, England

Tell us how Cash came to be in your life?
I have wanted a dog in my life since I was ever so little and I remember being incredibly envious of my friends whose family allowed them to have pets. A few years back I spent my summer over in Singapore and Hong Kong where French Bulldogs are on every corner - they are ridiculously popular over there and are unavoidable. There was one in particular I fell in love with during my stay in Singapore called 'Little Fatty' and she won my heart over. I knew I needed a Frenchie in my life but upon my return to England I was living in London and had very little time nor the space. A year later I ended up moving back home to start my business - Hounds & Hides. I decided now was the right time to go and look at puppies, I went and took a look at some Frenchies and fell head over heels for the runt. I knew it was love at first sight and a week later I took home Cash.

What is the story behind how Cash came to find his name?
Well this one is pretty easy, I was going through a HUGE Johnny Cash phase around the time I went to go and look at the litter. When I bought him home we put on 'Walk The Line' and had a little bop, that was the moment I knew it was perfect. I can't wait to introduce him to his brother and sister Dallas & Elvis but that dream is going to have to stay in the pipeline for another year or so. 

What is your favourite quality in Cash?
There are so many. Though my favourite would have to be his ability to know when I am sad. I was upstairs crying the other day and Cash ran up out of nowhere leapt on me and gave me so many kisses I couldn't help but smile. 

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