Hounds & Hides products are crafted with skilled workmanship each handmade in the Sussex studio. The life expectancy of your product determines how well you care for the item and the elements the product is exposed to. Please note that Leather is a natural product and will age accordingly, the Vegetable Tanned leather will weaken in adverse weather conditions.

However if the hardware is faulty within six months of purchase we will fix the problem free of charge.


Our products are handmade in England using the highest quality craftsmanship. To create each product we use the finest Italian leathers, famous throughout the world for its luxurious finish and strength. Before being shipped over to England our hides are rigorously examined for blemishes, the hides all have their own distinct and unique character. The characteristics will include some natural markings and the leather will age and darken with use, the hardware will also naturally dull over time.  To care best for your product we suggest following some of the guidelines:

  • Avoid exposing your product to extreme weather conditions. If your product becomes excessively wet it can cause the leather to distort and stretch. We advise removing any residual water with a paper towel and allowing to dry at room temperature. 

  • Prolonged periods of strong sunlight can cause the leather to dry and crack as well as the colour to fade. Natural oils can darken the leathers so avoid handling your products after using hand creams. 

  • If your product has a surface scratch this can usually be worked out by applying a little pressure from your finger, which will use its natural oils to restore the surface of the skin.


Under adverse weather conditions we advise that the product could be liable to weaken under strain - due to the nature of the Vegetable Tanned leather to soften when 'soaked' in water. To avoid any mishaps please use at your own discretion in wetter weather conditions. Hounds & Hides assume no liability of the purchased product and the use of the product and saftey of the pet and handler is completely at the users discretion and responsibility.