Hounds & Hides encourages a lifestyle of luxury British heritage to the modern day dog.
An ode to the families Italian roots, we stick to traditions and use only the highest quality Italian leathers. The finishing of solid brass hardware offers exceptional strength and durability; the kind that improves with age and wear.

Our dedication and focus on quality ensures our products are the most desirable and prestigious, married together with the strongest of craftmanship to ensure the result is the perfect product. To last both you and your pet a lifetime. 

In 2014 when my first French Bulldog, Cash, pawed his way into my life I wanted only the finest of pet wears for him. I used my expertise from my trade working within the leather accessories industry in the big city and swapped it for my small studio in the rolling hills of the Sussex countryside. Initially, I had set out to create a skinny, sleek yet timeless collar & leash set, something a little personal, so it was understood just how special my four legged friend was to me. After many trial runs and breathless runs over the downs, Cash and his new accessories were gaining a lot of attention and shortly after I was being commissioned to make duplicate products. Soon I realised how many people wanted to give their love and affection back to their pets and so Hounds & Hides was born. 'Till this day, almost three years on Cash still wears his very first collar, leash & harness set - he is testament that if you treat the product with care it in turn will care just as much for you back.